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Written about 1999 (and is a record of some my thoughts along the “spiritual journey”, when I was in one of the frequent “valleys of life”.

Hope I’ve grown a bit since those early days…

As my close friends and family say: You’re not having a mid life crisis now, your entire life is a long on-going one, craig!

So will keep on laughing along the often extremely hard, yet always amazing and magical journey of life#.


* that’s a metaphor, btw                    *

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So here goes…I’m NOT  religious. However, in the last few years I have become particularly interested in spirituality and theology, (rather than religion ‘per se’, an impressive expression, rather fancy and foreign.)

But what does it mean? I began to realize that the spiritual aspect was missing from my life for so long. Unbalanced, like a lop-sided wheel, my engine of life spluttering and misfiring along

(Although I did believe in “some sort of”  Higher Power (and included that in my earliest writings).

For most of my life I didn’t think much about God, Ultimate Source and definitely had not much God consciousness (like  “direct” experience and appreciation of God’s Infinite Love and Grace).

Though my good friend Donovan (a “normal/crazy” Christian – you don’t have to be overly “straight and boring” to be one) had been praying for me for many many years – “poor chappie”, I didn’t know much about Jesus (having forgotten much of what the nuns taught in my young convent days at Star of the Sea, in St James, False Bay, Cape Town.  Let alone how easy it is to “tap into” this incredible Source of Power and Wisdom through Jesus as conduit “spooky”, eh!

I’m certainly not another “Bible basher”. I like to think of myself (I don’t like “labels”, nor “trying to fit people into little boxes”)as a “free spirited, passionate, yet moderate” follower of Jesus Christ (and His teachings), who is most tolerant of other views and denominations.

“If Jesus were here today  (in “person”), would He be a ‘Christian’??!!”

There are many doorways to God, our great Creator and life-force, I believe.

I know, I know.. but I got an answer to that one!

A hint- go directly to The Source)

You choose!

I think intolerance and adhering to “narrow religious dogmas” is one of the reasons why rigid ‘religious (note alliteration) types’ are perceived as being ‘weirdos’ by those on the outside, and why the world is in such a mess! And why traditional religion is losing so many followers in the Western world today

I am a new Christian, but with the sort of life I’ve led, “Someone up there” must have been watching over me all the time. Now my relationship with a Higher Power, The Spirit of the universe through Jesus Christ, gives me great peace of mind and joy, though I’ve still got my “L-plates” on in my walk with our heavenly Father, Infinite Intelligence, Life, Nature or Destiny
(or whatever you wish to call Him /Her/ It).

My relationship with Him is vitally important to me, (together with my dearly beloved sons) and through Spirit I seem to get closer to and get to know God, Ground of All Being better
day by day. The Lord through Jesus as conduit, a channel is the source of my comfort (and I need plenty) strength and inspiration. I believe I’m doing what I’m destined to do by following
my ‘calling’ and the deepest desires of my heart.

I want to follow His plan for my life and serve humanity in some way. ( Well, without Him what a ‘stuff up’ I made, going down my blind alleys and coming to numerous
dead-ends – ‘cul de sacs’ ). Showing off my French again!

Enough disclosure of intimate stuff – as I’m a very private part – ‘er sorry, person!
This is a very quiet, stable period of my life here in “Sleepy Hollow” near the bottom of the world, after much turbulence in the past decade. Probably extremely boring for someone like me. However, I really needed this time out after our unstable and stressful past decade – changing countries as often as my ‘underrods’.

Most importantly, I sincerely believe it’s time for growing (as I’m quite short!). But perhaps most of all, its my apprenticeship serving God, as I have a very strong feeling that I would like to spend the rest of my life getting to know Him better and honouring Him, as well as helping people in distress and “serving humanity in whatever way I can. In short,being the best person I can possibly be.

In my future works I have a strong compulsion (or is it inspiration?) to write on a more spiritual level; about what HE has done for me personally and what He
can do in all of our lives…if only we will open the door and let Him (the spirit/energy of the Universe) in. All you have to do is ASK.

Yes, I firmly believe we all need that firm relationship with The Creator. I strongly believe that relationship is not only for the weak, the poor and the “lame ducks” of society; but also for the successful achievers who can do much more with FAITH.

We don’t know when we will need His help…and when our whole world comes crashing down, like Humpty Dumpty,  he is our ‘insurance policy’, our parachute.

How much more we can do with God’s help? We only have to ask Him to come into our lives. I truly believe God wants us to be good kind people (as most people are), to love ourselves as well as our neighbour; yet also to be successful (financially, but especially spiritually)…and to use our “wealth of spirit” to benefit others

Though ‘yours truly’ can’t speak from a position of strength – at least not yet!

Dream on, “sonny boy”!

“Without hope and a vision the people perish”

– Proverbs

Enough “heavy” theology and “preaching like a religious nutter,  trying to “save and convert you”…

craig 1999


“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

– Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

The Spirit that made the world, is in you…but first it has to be activated.


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