thanks to all for the great feedback

thanks to you ALL for the understanding and I DO really appreciate you all “writing in”
PS: Perhaps someone with more time and technical talents than than me could SET UP A BLOG with WordPress to discuss the issues raised and take comments. And I could do a LINK!

If the Lord makes you successful, I’ll keep you humble (…by spending all your money)!”
– a wife (I won’t say whose!)


Thanks for the feedback to you all, but I’m being swamped by “spam mail” (no, most not really “spam” – most of comments are great, but some people are abusing the system, just trying to promote their own products….and so spoiling it for most) For the past days I’ve spent all my time going through the mail and sorting out genuine comment

So I can’t go through the hundreds and hundreds of messages, I get each day and have to “simply empty the “spam” box (not really spam)

Still I’m pleased you readers are enjoying these thoughts (why I write) and I really DO APPRECIATE the feedback. Will try to read as many responses as I can each day, but may only approve a few. I’ll try to manage as best I can and “do as I go”
I do appreciate the feedback

To answer a few questions raised in your comments (I’m “snowed under”, so sorry, don’t have resources as a “one man band” to answer you individually)
* All my writings and articles may be freely reproduced (sorry don’t have time write for other websites), as I’m busy writing a few books at the moment
* If you clicked on contact and you keep on getting mail (or something like that) I know NOTHING, so contact WordPress admin direct. I put most of my energy, my focus into my books, so have no idea how to add sound, video, etc

* I don’t have a newsletter to subscribe to
* please feel free to link to the web site or my other wordpress blogs at
* I’m a “total non-techno”, so know, nothing about web site design, feeds, etc. And lay-out is not one of my strong points. I just write! How I got am where I am now is a “miracle” . And no one would believe the story!
* Will try to post articles from time to time, but all my writings are available at and in case you’re interested
(Personal growth, self help, writing, internet marketing, spiritual, ‘spiritual writings’ (how ‘airey-fairey’), words of inspiration

Thanks again for the understanding and back to writing new books  (have some new ideas)


PS: Perhaps someone with more time and technical talents than than me could SET UP A BLOG with WordPress to discuss the issues raised and take comments , then I could do a LINK!

I, like most people am not religious, but rather ‘spiritual’ (and religion and dogma divides)

“We are all spiritual beings  on an earthly jouurney ” (or should that be the other way round)

Perhaps a new topic for discussion???

The various books that Craig “felt inspired to write” are available at and or my latest one (at least a couple of days ago) on the mind of Jesus at

If the Lord makes you successful, I’ll keep you humble (… spending all the household budget??)!”

– a wife (I won’t say whose!)

thanks to you all for the understanding and I DO really appreciate you all “writing in” with your unique perspectives

“When (or if ever) you arrive in heaven, let faith and love be the wings that carried you there.”
– as adapted from the inspiring words of Jonathan Edwards, former minister in New England, Massachusetts

“The Greatest Race: Living by (with) faith, hope and love is the highest podium any person can reach, God’s podium that anyone stand on.”

– craig

Having pursued the goals, the dreams set before us and run the race with persistence and endurance, after giving it all. Then one day standing on the summit of life, breathing in the pure sweet oxygen of achievement, totally satisfied in running the greatest race, the race of life one that ANYONE can run and win.

craig 11/11/11


Author: craig lock

About the Author Craig has a 'passion' for writing books that tell stories about people doing positive things in this often so hard, sometimes unkind world, occasionally cruel, yet always amazing world - true stories that leave the reader feeling uplifted, empowered and hopefully even inspired. Craig Lock loves to encourage and empower people to be the best they can possibly be, and to create what they want in life. Craig has learnt plenty from the "school of life" (still "battered and bruised") and also from a few "hard knocks on the head". He is an extensive world traveller (on a "shoestring budget") and failed professional emigrater who has spent most of his life’s savings on airfares. He is still sliding down the razor blade of life on the beautiful undiscovered island that is New Zealand, somewhere near the bottom (rude!) of the world near Antarctica. There he talks to the 60 million sheep! Craig has been involved in the corporate world (life assurance) for "many moons". However, through a rather strange (and unique) set of circumstances and finding himself in a small town near the bottom of the world ...and with nothing else to do, he started writing. That was five years ago. Five published books later and having written another twenty manuscripts (now 300 + on widely differing subjects - well what else is there to do here?)... this is where Craig is in the "journey/adventure" that is life. Craig has run a run a successful creative writing course (not teaching sheep!) at the local Polytechnic. He was the author of (as far as we know) the first creative writing course on the internet. He has many varied interests and passions and is particularly interested in the field of psychology – studying the human mind and what makes different people "tick-tock grandfather clock". He is fascinated by the "overlap between psychology and the dimension of spirituality". One of his missions in life is helping people make the most of their hidden potential and so finding their niche in life... so that they are happy. Craig’s various books probably tell more about his rather "eventful" life best (no one could believe it!). He writes books with serious messages and themes, then as a contrast "rather crazy, wacky stuff"…to keep him sane here. As an ‘anonymouse’ person wrote: "All of us are born mad; some of us remain so." Well nothing else much happens in quiet provincial New Zealand, other than headlines like "Golf Ball Thrown at Policeman" and "Beach Toilet Closed for Season.". True! from For Craig’s books see AMAZON at ... but rather GO to ?? When the writer is no more, the value of your purchase will soar." All proceeds go to the needy and underprivileged… and a charity (most worthy-Bill and I) “When the writer is no more , the value of your purchase will soar! “ “Together, one mind, one life (one small step at a time), let’s see how many people (and lives) we can encourage, impact, empower, enrich, uplift and perhaps even inspire to reach their fullest potentials…and strive for and perhaps one sunny day even achieve their wildest dreams.” PPS Don’t worry about the world ending today… as it’s already tomorrow in scenic and tranquil ‘little’ New Zealand

One thought on “thanks to all for the great feedback”

  1. POSITIVE SENSE OF JUDGMENT; Human, Society and Nation midst from quick disappeared by destroy chance not only at present !!! But it find out way death of Christ after comes to people ask them !
    True religion can’t be the basis of hatred, says PM [2014] “such a thing as weakness in the human heart”
    New Delhi: True religion can’t be the basis of hatred and division, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said on Sunday, urging every citizen to imbibe lessons from Swami Vivekananda and learn to be tolerant.
    “Let us, in all humility, imbibe lessons from Swami Vivekananda. Let us learn to be tolerant of one another, have respect for all religions and dedicate ourselves to the development of our people and our country,” the prime minister said at the closing ceremony of the 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda at Vigyan Bhavan here.
    “There is no use celebrating Swamiji’s life, paying our respects to his ideas and teachings and honouring his memory if we do not also imbibe the values that he advocated.”
    “His true message for us was that true religion and true religiosity can’t be the basis of hatred and division, but of mutual respect and tolerance for the faiths and beliefs of all,” he said.
    SWAMI VIVEKANANDA 1893, Chicago: What ever may be the position of philosophy. Whatever may be the position of metaphysic, so long as there is a thing as death in the world, so long as there is such a thing as weakness in the human heart, so long as there is a ‘CRY’ GOING OUT OF THE HEART OF MAN IN HIS VERY WEAKNESS, there shall be a faith in God. !!

    B.K.JOHN: This affirms coming faith[ not easy coming real murder root pass after]!!!
    Real example destruction and death solutions in life experience connection; death of Christ after comes to people ask them; How have you loved? That love seems to be a thing Christ point out, not only in The Bible back there 2014 year ago but in the now, as people experience death and experience this ‘ POSITIVE SENSE OF JUDGMENT, this affirms coming faith[ not easy coming real murder root pass after ] . this essence really invisible renewal a God tool, that top secrecy from action and reaction[ At least a little more light] destroy against used human excellence and nation improve last two decade !! It connection gulf[KUWAIT] life pledge – last 40 years over wrath face and it cruel midst. It above US President Obama and his back ground also fall . But real murder root pass after experience nil by the tragedy expansions much more paying before death not happened it reason done !! But it against not only India but world other parts from come the e- mail top danger cruel image just look ‘video’ enclosing –
    And more and support God love understand given , that heart feeling well-wisher or mankind only from !! . Related more evidence — -, e-mail:


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